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"On the rocks" - Congresso Internacional, Barcelona 8-10 Setembro 2015

O Projeto Outeiro do Circo estará presente no "10th International Symposium on knappable materials" que terá lugar em Barcelona (Espanha) entre 8 e 10 de Setembro.
Será apresentado um poster sobre materiais líticos do povoado do Bronze Final do Outeiro do Circo (Beja, Portugal), cuja análise se centra na caraterização dos materiais recolhidos e na identificação das áreas de proveniência, revelando a importância que a exploração destes recursos continua a manter neste período, apesar da falta de estudos específicos em sítios das mesmas cronologias.


“Lithic raw material resources from the Bronze Age site of Outeiro do Circo, Beja (south Portugal)”

Sofia Soares, Geobiotec-UA, Aveiro, ESTIG-IPBeja, Beja, Portugal, sofia.soares@ipbeja.pt
Helena Reis: hreis@campus.ul.pt
Miguel Serra: Palimpsesto, Inc., miguelserra@palimpsesto.pt
Eduardo Porfírio: Palimpsesto, Inc., eduardoporfirio@palimpsesto.pt

Session:S2- Ancient lithic trade and economics
Presentation Type: Poster

This presentation analyses flaked lithics raw materials and their provenience in the case of a Late Bronze Age settlement near Beja city (South Portugal). Outeiro do Circo is a large fortified settlement from the Late Bronze Age (1250-850 BC), setting an occupied area of about 17 hectares and making it one of the largest settlements of this period in the Iberian Peninsula. The element that gives greater emphasis to this settlement is an impressive wall that borders it almost entirely. The wall reveals a complex defensive system, with double walls, bastions and moats.
The majority of the archaeological artefacts comprises ceramic materials, being the lithic and metal artefacts a minority. However, the Bronze Age lithics evidence a formal and raw-material variety, showing the importance that the use of the stone still had during this period.
Portuguese studies on lithic artefacts from the Bronze Age sites are scarce and not very common. Given this situation the lithics from this period are not very well known and there are some questions that still need to be addressed, such as the acquisition of the raw material, and the techniques used for the manufacture of the tools. The ongoing research on Outeiro do Circo has provided, for now, a small assemblage of knapped stone such as cores, flakes, sickles, denticulate, and a posteriori tools. The characteristics of this assemblage reveal that the inhabitants of Outeiro do Circo used a great variety of local and regional raw materials for the production of several supports in flaked stone, with special focus on the production of sickles.
Macroscopical examination of the lithics available from six years of archaeological excavations identified different raw materials such as chert, jasper, flint, quartzite and gabbro. Probable provenience and availability of raw materials is discussed and placed into local and regional geology. Comparisons with similar contexts are made

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