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Relatório sobre a conferência de Ana Osório na Associação Arqueológica do Algarve

Tuesday 02 Dec 2014 - Ana Osório - Experimental insights on pottery interpretation
In the summer of 2013 Ana Osorio received a grant from the AAA that helped fund experimental workshops to study the production of patterned burnished pottery from the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age. As an introduction Ana explained the increasing importance of experimental work to archaeologists so they can better understand the materials, techniques and use of the objects found in excavations. In her talk Ana showed how her students firstly made pottery copying the techniques used at the time – coils and slabs. They also tried to imitate the styles and designs of these early pots. Some of the students had never made pottery in this way before and so the resulting ceramics varied quite a lot. When the pottery was dry it was then fired in a simple kiln dug into the ground and covered with turf. The heat inside the kiln was monitored using thermocouples and it was found that the internal temperature although quite low adequate firing was achieved. The question then was would these low-fired pots withstand the heat required to boil water and cook food? This was something Ana’s University professor did not think would be possible. However Ana was thrilled to report that it was entirely possible and the group went on to enjoy a meal of rabbit and beans. Evidence of pottery sherds from excavations can also show that pottery had in the past been repaired and reused. So the students deliberately broke some of their pots and tested out a variety of materials to repair them. 
Ana’s presentation was very professional and she spoke with great enthusiasm. She also thanked the AAA for the help we were able to give in this important project.
Their work can be seen on http://outeirodocirco.blogspot.pt/
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